What do you think about while you are running?  How far you’ve come, how far you still have to go or how painful running is?  You are not alone!

During your next run, why not focus on a MANTRA.  A mantra is something you repeat to yourself in order to keep it fresh in your mind.  Breathe rhythmically and focus on your mantra to improve your focus and form during your next run.

Here are some of my favourites, but you need to make your own, depending on what part of your form you are trying to focus on.

Form-Fixing Running Mantras:


RUN TALL”  – helps with your posture and forward lean.

LIFT KNEE” – allows you pull the trailing leg up for the next footfall, saying it faster will help your cadence.

KICK BUTT” -this will remind you to shorten the trailing leg lever, making it easier to bring the leg forward.

RELAX” – breathe deeply and let go of any tension in your jaw, hands and feet.

LET GO” -another good one to help with unwanted tension.

GAS PEDAL LEAN” – the faster you go the more you lean forward from the ankles. (see forward lean above)

PULL DON’T PUSH” – assists with footstrike, allowing for a nice pawing back motion with the foot landing under your center of gravity

POWER PELVIS” – reminds you to focus on your deepest abdominal muscles, tightening them and keeping your pelvis level while your legs quickly rotate under you.

SHOULDERS DOWN” – helps with posture and independent arm swing, anchoring your shoulder girdle so your compact arms can pump forward and back, pulling you down the road or trail.

SHORT ARMS” -keeps a nice bend at the elbow, shortening the lever arm for the shoulder thus saving energy.

LAND SOFT” or “RUN QUIET” – reminds you to keep your ground contact time to a minimum and allows you to sneak up on people.