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“What doesn’t Kill you, makes you stronger.” -Nietzsche
Our KILLER Training Programs
Mountain, Road, & Cyclocross
Cycling Coaching
We offer customized, goal driven, monthly coaching plans to help you achieve maximal results!
Xterra, Sprint, Olympic, Half & IRONMAN
Triathlon Coaching
Whether you’re tackling a first time triathlon or preparing for an IRONMAN, our results driven training will help you maximize your results with your limited training time!
Custom Cycling & Triathlon Conditioning
KILLER Strength & Conditioning
Maximize your results by adding in KILLER Strength & Conditioning – a custom monthly program tailored to your weaknesses and monthly training program.
About Us
Our combined 30 years of experience, scientific approach, and passion for the sport makes this a ‘KILLER’ individualized and results driven program!
Meet the KILLER Coaches

Tricia Davis

Tricia Davis on her mountain bike
Co-Founder, Cycling & Triathlon Coach
Tricia Davis, DPT, is a hyperkinetic, Canadian trained physiotherapist and athlete. Good at seeing the big picture, she is able to focus on the most important specific details for you to achieve success.

Melissa Ross

Co-Founder, Cycling & Concussion Coach
Melissa’s 16+years in the sport as an athlete and 12+ years as a coach has taken her all over the world. Good at understanding athlete’s goals and finding ways to keep them motivated through the ups and downs of their training journey.

Chad Davis

Cycling, Mountain Bike & Enduro Coach
Chad is a passionate mountain biker and coach. Always pushing his limits from XC hotlaps, big lap leg crushers and multi-day stage races. Chad has been fortunate to work with and learn from some of the best coaches in the business.

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