Strength Training Plans

12 Week Strength Training for Endurance Athletes $25


  • WHY endurance athletes need to strength train
  • THE BEST exercises to perform and why
  • 12 week CALENDAR with specific weekly workout links and exercise descriptions
  • DYNAMIC warm-up and FOAM ROLLING video links
  • OPTIONS to train with and without gym equipment
  • simply use the button above to pay securely via PayPal and the plan will be delivered via email provided
  • get a free Training Peaks account here (online calendar of workouts)
  • you will receive the plan via PDF with password protected links AND a digital calendar via Training Peaks
  • get workouts right on your phone, computer and tablet
  • written by Tricia Davis, killercoach, physical therapist and certified cycling and triathlon coach
  • questions? Email Tricia at [email protected]

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Workout Examples: