Triathlon Run Video Analysis

Is there a perfect way to run? Maybe not, but there is a perfect way for you to run.

Everyone has their own particular challenges, be it past injury, flexibility or range of motion issues, strength deficits but they don’t have to hold you back from being the runner you want to be.

Do You?

  • suffer from common form errors like overstriding, low cadence, poor arm carriage or poor posture while running?
  • fizzle out and get passed during a triathlon on the run
  • have issues with pain in your feet, knees, hips or back while you are running
  • want to know what has been holding you back on your run
  • need to get rid of or prevent a running injury
  • want to be faster and more efficient
  • want to set a PR

Then you need a running video analysis from Coach Tricia, Physical Therapist and certified USAT coach.

— "Thanks so much, Tricia! I loved the drills and had a great run this morning. I really appreciate the mantra, the mindful practice of focusing on my body's form."
Run Video Analysis
  • Detailed analysis of what you are doing well and what needs some work
  • Slow motion and stop action analysis with detailed notes on your running videos from PT and coach Tricia Davis
  • Specific running drills, form fixes and running workouts to hone in your new efficient form
  • Detailed strength and flexibility workouts based on your body’s needs

Running drills, form fixers and specific strength and flexibility training can take your running to a whole new level!

It’s easy to get started!

Send us 3 short video clips of 5-10 seconds each, via email to [email protected]

Run Videos need to be:

  • high resolution
  • 1 side angle, 1 front, and 1 from behind