In order to run faster, you either need to cover more ground with each stride or your need to increase your cadence.  Turns out it is much more efficient as well as safer for runners to increase cadence.  Most runners can benefit from decreasing their stride length and training their neuromuscular system to turn their legs over more quickly.  During your next run pretend you are running over hot coals, limiting your time on the ground.  Practice leaning more to go faster, picking up your feet quicker.

Optimal cadence for running is 90-100 single leg footstrikes per minute.  This is no easy feat to achieve – pun intended.  It requires flexibility, coordination, strength and timing.  Train your neuromuscular system to increase your cadence with the following drill.

Cadence Drill:

Warm up: Run easy Zone 1-2 for 10 min, mix in some dynamic stretching (butt kicks, skipping, leg swings, toe pops)

Main Drill Set:

For 20 seconds count the # of times your L foot touches the ground.

Walk 1 min

Repeat the 20 seconds, trying to increase your L foot strike count by 1-2 steps each time

Do 8-10 reps this way with 1 min walk between.

If there comes a time where you can’t increase your foot strike count hold the last number and repeat.

Note the maximum number of foot strikes you had in 20 seconds below…..we want to shoot for about 30+ (meaning your cadence is 90 L footstrikes per minute)

Cool Down, with a zone 1-2 jog home knowing your leg speed has reached a new level!