With the cancellation of many events worldwide and the unknown of what lies ahead, we can often feel paralyzed. As creatures of habit, we get into a routine and find ourselves having tunnel vision with our goals and events. When a wrench is thrown in, it can be hard to focus or have any motivation. No one was expecting this.


Take a deep breath, we will get through this. Here are some tips to help you refocus and create new goals to stay active. Now is the time to keep your motivation up and stay healthy – more than ever before!



Step 1: Create a challenge

Studies have been done that show if you write down a measurable goal, you are more likely to accomplish it!
By writing it down and picking a date to do it, you are also holding yourself accountable to that goal.
Pick something that is a personal goal like being able to run a 10K or joining the Killercoach Togetherness Strava Group Challenge. Maybe you can try a virtual challenge! Whatever you do, find something that you can get excited about!


Step 2: Break your challenge into chunks so it’s easier to swallow

If your goal is to run a 5K in 8 weeks, break that goal into chunks. Set a date to run 1 mile without walking, then maybe a week or two later, do 2 miles.
If your goal is to complete a 100-mile mountain bike ride, plan ahead so you can do at least 50 miles 2 months out, and 70 miles 4 weeks out.

Put these bench-mark goals on your calendar so you can think about each step along your journey.


Step 3: Stay Positive!

Starting a new fitness plan or taking on a new goal/challenge is hard in the beginning, as your body needs some time to adapt to the new routine. You may feel tired, slow, and sore for a couple of weeks. But don’t let that get to you. Take it a step at a time and day by day.
Start by focusing on small victories such as completing a week of training to the gains you see in increasing your speed, strength, and endurance and losing weight.

You will start to notice that your body will recover better each week, you’ll feel less sore and start to have more energy!
Taking on a challenge doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient! Anytime you find yourself thinking a negative thought, turn that ‘I can’t’ into “I CAN DO THIS!”. Create a support group such as hiring a coach or joining the Killer Coach Togetherness Strava Group.


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