Have you ever wondered what next season would be like if you were able to commit to an off-season strength training plan? This 12 week Strength Training for Endurance Athletes program is complete with weekly workouts and a calendar will make you a more resilient and faster athlete.

“Strength training enhances endurance performance by improving the economy of movement, delaying fatigue, improving aerobic capacity and enhancing maximal speed.”

-Ronnestad and Mujika, Aug 2013, Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport

strength training for endurance athletesWhy Do Endurance Athletes need to Strength Train?

Strength training for endurance athletes is not about gaining muscle mass.  For an endurance athlete, generally the larger you are, the more work you need to do to feed those bigger muscles.  If you want to go longer, faster and be more efficient you need to train your body to do more with less.  

Working on balance, coordination, muscle firing patterns (neuromuscular control) and sport specific skills are all very important parts of any strength training program.
You simply can not pick heavy things up and put them back down.  It’s a little more complicated than that.

Having strong, coordinated and skilful movement patterns can really help with your economy of movement – meaning how much energy it takes you to go from point A to B.  It can also help you protect your muscles, ligaments and joints against injury.

What is Included in this Training Program:

This 12-week program comes with a calendar with specifically detailed workouts and exercise description links.  Use the PDF calendar or sign up for a free Training Peaks account to keep track of your progress.  There are downloadable exercise logs designed around each phase of training (preparation, build and power.)

Work out in the gym or your home gym. There are options and variations for all.  There is even a suggested equipment link if you are interested in setting up a great home set up and work on the program from home.

Well, what are you waiting for?  You’ve got everything to gain!

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and have your best season yet.