With fall setting in and a tough summer behind us all, it is time to dust off the cobwebs and get STRONG! One thing is for certain- winter is coming!

Whether or not you have been racing or training, this workout will help you dust off the cobwebs and prep your body for heavier strength training that is ahead this winter.

Take the time now to work out not only your legs but the core, arms and every single muscle in your body with some more challenging strength, coordination, balance, core and flexibility moves.

Coach Tricia has been a Physical Therapist for a long time and has seen plenty of injuries in her patients from repetitive stress, muscle imbalance and classic one-sport athletes. Join her in this first of many offered workout suggestions you can do at home with minimal equipment.


BALANCED SQUATS- use a balance board, BOSU, tilt board, foam disc or pillows to stand on – anything that will challenge your balance. Feet wide, chest tall and arms out while sitting in an imaginary chair behind you! Be careful. DO 25X Slowly.

ELBOW SIDEPLANKS. It’s like a regular plank but on your elbow! Make sure your spine is in one long line and you are not collapsing into your supporting shoulder. Hold it, hold it, hold it. BREATHE. Try for 60 seconds. Do both sides.


SUPERMANS. From hands and knees tighten your core and reach opposite arm and leg away from each other. Hold at least 5 seconds then alternate sides. Do 20X Slowly.

Pistol Squats

PISTOL SQUATS. Hold TRX, strong stretch cords or any other rope anchored above your head firmly. This will allow you to sit down while holding one leg up in the air. Be sure your hips remain level and your standing knee tracks in a perpendicular line to the floor, not allowing your knee to roll in or out! Squat down as far as feels comfortable on your knee and hold 3 seconds prior to standing back up. Avoid pulling with your arms, letting your legs do all of the work. Do 15X then switch sides.

FIRE HYDRANTS. From all fours tighten your core and lift one bent knee out to the side (like a dog pees on a fire hydrant.) Be sure you are not leaning to one side as you lift. Just as you think you’ve got the leg to the top, squeeze it an inch higher! Do 15X for each side.

Do one round of each of the five exercises then start back at the top for the next rounds, that way you can make best use of your time. Take minimal breaks between exercises.

Good luck :}

Let us know how it goes and stay tuned for more soon!